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1 當商業利益滲入社會公益:三條路徑的省思
When Commercial Interests Infiltrate into Nonprofit Sector: Reflections on Three Paths
丘昌泰   2018/09  第三部門學刊
2 非營利組織建構多重利害關係人之協力關係研究:以中華數位人文關懷協會為例
How NPOs Construct Multi- Stakeholder Collaborative Relations: A Case Study of Digital and Humanity Concern Association in Taiwan
蔡昀庭丘昌泰   2017/03  第三部門學刊
3 族群文化產業的社會鑲嵌型態與治理網絡策略:客家文化產業個案之探索性研究
The Patterns of Social Embeddedness and the Strategy of Governance Network in Ethnic Cultural Industry: A Case Study of Hakka Cultural Industry’s Exploration
陳彥蓉丘昌泰陳定銘   2016/05  客家公共事務學報
4 在地文化創新的民間推手
The Driving Force of Local Cultural Creation in Taiwan
丘昌泰   2012/09  第三部門學刊
5 汶川震後大陸NGOs的發展及其對公民社會的影響
The Impact of NGOs upon Civil Society After 2008 Sichuan Earthquake in China
丘昌泰黃良惠   2011/03  第三部門學刊
6 非營利組織、政府與草根性公民社會的發展:以臺灣九二一震災為例
NPOs, Government and the Development of Grass-Root Civil Society: A Case Study on 921 Earthquakes in Taiwan
丘昌泰   2010/03  第三部門學刊
7 非營利中介組織治理之研究:兩岸三地六個個案的跨域觀察
A Comparative Study of Governance for the Nonprofit Intermediary Organizations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China: A Nonprofit-BSC Perspective
丘昌泰   2007/03  第三部門學刊