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1 民主國家能否撤銷公民的國籍?——回應郭祐輑的〈撤銷公民國籍、居住安全與民主國家〉
Are Democratic States Permitted to Denationalize Citizens? In Reply to Prof. Yuchun Kuo’s “Denationalization, Residential Security, and Democracies”
葉浩   2018/08  民主與治理
2 撤銷公民國籍、居住安全與民主國家
Denationalization, Residential Security, and Democracies
郭祐輑   2018/02  民主與治理
3 從義民到公民:客家族群環境實踐評析
The Evolution from Righteous People to Citizenship: An Analysis of the Hakkas’ Environmental Practices
石慧瑩   2017/11  客家公共事務學報
4 華僑與公民身分:以1990年代台灣菲律賓華僑為例
Overseas Chinese and Citizenship: An Case Study of the 1990s’ Pilipino Chinese in Taiwan
龔尤倩   2017/02  社會分析