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1 髮夾彎的策略構框:傳統機車企業如何影響電動機車產業政策的制定
The Strategic Framing of Hairpin Turn: How Incumbent Locomotive Firms Influence the Electric Scooter Industry Policy Making
李傳楷禹俐萌鄭亦涵   2024/02  組織與管理
2 部屬啊!您有做自己的機會嗎?尚嚴、專權雙元領導與部屬任務績效之關聯性:以情緒調節策略揭開潘朵拉的盒子
Subsidiaries, Do You Have the Opportunity to Be Yourself? Relationships Between DisciplineFocused Authoritarian Leadership, Dominance-Focused Authoritarian Leadership and Subordinates’ Task Performance: Uncovering Pandora’s Box With Emotion Regulation Strategy
李庭閣周婉茹李啟文費吳琛   2023/08  組織與管理
3 從威權體制到民主協商治理:以臺北地區防洪計畫為例
From the Authoritarian Regime to Democratic Discursive Governance: Taking the Flood Control Plan in Taipei Area as an Example
諶錫輝   2022/10  競爭力評論
4 對釋字第785號之評析:以健康權作為加班費核發的依據是否合宜?
Is It Appropriate to Use the Health Right As the Basis for Overtime Pay in the Judicial Interpretation No. 785?
黃靖麟   2022/10  競爭力評論
5 數位技術賦能服務再造:以上海「一網通辦」改革中的「一件事」為例
Using Digital Technologies to Empower Service Redesign: A Case Study of the “One Issue” Innovation in “Government Online-offline Shanghai” Reform
敬乂嘉林伯韜   2022/10  競爭力評論
6 流離尋岸:評《回歸廈門:陳安尼,一位女性在印尼、荷蘭和中國的生活》
Embarking on the Road: Book Review of Retour Amoy : Anny Tan - Een vrouwenleven in Indonesië, Nederland en China
盧李倩倩   2022/08  民主與治理
7 一本專屬於臺灣的東南亞書籍:評《台灣與東南亞:從中華民國到台灣世代》
A Book of Southeast Asia for Taiwan: Review of Taiwan and Southeast Asia: From the Republic of China to the Taiwan Generation
洪柏智   2022/08  民主與治理
8 同中求異:創業支持組織善用與新創團隊之關係
Similar but Different: Entrepreneurship Support Organizations Leverage the Relationship with Startups
陳鈺淳陳旻男潘冠穎   2022/08  組織與管理
9 建構依賴路徑:以全聯之虛實服務創新演化為例
Constructing the Dependency Path: Case Study of PX Mart’s Online and Offline Service Innovation
歐素華陳煥宏   2022/08  組織與管理
10 揭密:冷戰時期臺灣與東南亞國家之軍事關係
Revealing the Secrets of Military Relations between Taiwan and Southeastern Asia during Cold War Period
魏麒騰   2022/02  民主與治理