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  • 出版單位:第三部門學刊編輯委員會



The Research of Relationship Network Management of the Nonprofit Organization-The Case Analysis of Taipei Make-A-Wish Association






This Study case is how the Taipei Make-A-Wish Association (TMWA) takes its mission-to make the dreams of the 3-18 year-old heavy sickness children come true. With the limited resource the TMWA helps more than 500 heavy sickness children carry out their life dream. The research tends to perceive how the uses TMWA the networking intelligence strategy to understand its founding target, status quo and predicaments, how the internal and the external stakeholders form the interaction networks, and how TMWA applies the networking strategy of the stakeholders on the breakthrough of their association predicaments. By their experiences of dealing with their predicaments, they provide some inspiration for other social welfare associations. By the analysis of the study case, it helps to develop appropriate networking management strategies for nonprofit organizations. The research uses the in-depth interview method to interview stakeholders related to the association. According to the records how they interacted with the association, the information they recorded can be analyzed and interpreted as follows. The outside predicaments of TMWA, on the one hand, result from their we management of integrated resources; on the other hand, because of the specialty and rarity of their clients, the TMWA does not have many chances to broadcast of their founding mission. When it comes to their inside difficulties, the unsteady staff and volunteers are hard to be organized and trained. There are some policy suggestions on this case of the relational management. First, TMWA must establish their relationship network as soon as possible and manage it strategically. Second, it should set a unique sector to manage all the business related to the public resources. In addition, it should intensify the information management to fine down the content and design of their association message. Besides, it should enforce the function of their committee and the interior management, put a premium on the evaluation of the association execution, and kept the cooperative relationship with other nonprofit organizations. It should intensify the connections of the weak ties relations in the association and maintain the strong ties relations.


非營利組織關係網絡關係管理台北市喜願協會利害關係人nonprofit organizationrelationship networkrelational managementTaipei Make-A-Wish Associationstakeholders




200709 (8期)